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Industry Associations

American Petroleum Institute
The oil and natural gas industry provides the fuel for American life, warming our homes, powering our businesses and giving us the mobility to enjoy this great land. As the primary trade association of that industry, API represents more than 400 members involved in all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry. Our association draws on the experience and expertise of our members and staff to support a strong and viable oil and natural gas industry.

International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
The International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) is comprised of petroleum companies and associations from around the world. Founded in 1974 following the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), IPIECA provides the international oil and gas industry's principal channel of communication with the industry on key issues, including oil spill preparedness and response, global climate change, operational issues, and biodiversity. The American Petroleum Institute and its members are actively participating in IPIECA programs.

IPIECA has a Climate Change Working Group that sponsors dialogs and workshops addressing key issues of the ongoing international aspects of climate change and provides a technical publication series as a means of constructive input to the process. As part of this, IPIECA has sponsored three major international workshops, the most recent being in 2003, in Brussels, Belgium.


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