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The magnesium industry intends to eliminate emissions of SF6 by evaluating and adopting environmentally friendly alternative protective cover gases. The industry may also seek to improve its energy efficiency and therefore reduce its CO2 emissions. DOE has developed the following software tools that may assist companies in such efforts.

DOE BestPractices Software Tools
DOE BestPractices offers a range of software tools and databases that help manufacturers assess their plant's steam, compressed air, motor, and process heating systems.

DOE Plant Energy Profiler
Industry experience has shown that many plant utility personnel do not have an adequate understanding of their energy cost structure and where the major focus should be for any energy savings program. This tool will address this need and enable an engineer assigned to a plant utility to better understand (a) the cost of all energy sources supplied to the plant, (b) how much energy each individual utility service or energy-consuming equipment consumes, and, (c) where opportunities to realize savings exist. The tool will provide increasingly more detailed estimates of these factors as the user refines the input; but it is important that the user get some useful information with a minimum of preparation. Additionally, the tool will contain a set of references and resources that the user would need to guide any energy savings implementation program that might result from using the tool.


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