Magnesium - Letters of Intent/Agreements

International Magnesium Association LogoIn response to President Bush's challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fifteen U.S. companies along with the International Magnesium Association (IMA) have voluntarily committed to eliminate SF6 emissions by 2010. This commitment builds on the efforts of the SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership for the Magnesium Industry, a partnership program that EPA has had with the industry since 1999. These industry leaders represent 100% of domestic primary magnesium production and 90% of U.S. magnesium casting capacity. In addition, the IMA's members operate on five continents and represent 80% of the global magnesium industry.

The magnesium industry commonly uses a potent and long-lived greenhouse gas, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), to protect the molten metal against oxidation and potentially violent burning. If released to the atmosphere, SF6 will persist for 3,200 years and is more than 23,000 times as strong a global warming gas as carbon dioxide (CO2).

Read the U.S. and International Magnesium Industry's Commitment Letter (PDF 157 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

From left to right: Tom Tripp (U.S. Magnesium), Chuck Woodburn (Magnesium Products of America), C. Whitman (EPA), Rick Opatick (International Magnesium Association), Delaine Everett, (International Magnesium Association), Holger Brandt (Lunt Manufacturing), Helmut Brandt (Lunt Manufacturing)


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