Chemical Manufacturing - Letters of Intent/Agreements

American Chemistry Council (ACC), representing 85% of the chemical industry production in the U.S., has agreed American Chemistry Council Logoto an overall greenhouse gas intensity reduction target of 18% by 2012 from 1990 levels. ACC will measure progress based on data collected directly from its members. ACC also pledges to support the search for new products and pursue innovations that help other industries and sectors achieve the President's goal. Activities include increased production efficiencies, promoting coal gasification technology, increasing bio-based processes, and, most importantly, developing efficiency-enabling products for use in other sectors, such as appliance transportation and construction.

The following documents are available for download as Adobe PDF documents.
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  • American Chemistry Council Commitment Letter (PDF 991 KB)
  • U.S. Chemical Industry Response to the President's Global Climate Business Challenge (PDF 235 KB)
  • American Chemistry - Essential to Climate Solutions (Slideshow Overview as of June 25, 2007) (PDF 106 KB)





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