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DOE Industrial Materials of the Future
Industrial Materials for the Future (IMF) is a crosscutting activity of the Industrial Technologies Program. The mission of IMF is to lead a national effort to research, design, develop, engineer, and test new and improved materials, for the Industries of the Future.

ENERGY STAR Focus for Cement Manufacturing
The U.S. cement manufacturers and EPA work together in an ENERGY STAR Focus on energy efficiency within the industry. Participating companies work with EPA to institute or improve their corporate energy management programs and the energy performance of their operations. Through ENERGY STAR, EPA provides tools to gauge plant and program energy performance, a forum for elevating energy management in the industry, and recognition for superior energy achievements.

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DOE State Activities

For information on activities, financial assistance, and solicitations within your state, please refer to the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy State Specific Information website.

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