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The Aluminum Association and its members participating in the Voluntary Aluminum Industry Partnership (VAIP), representing 98% of primary aluminum production in the United States, have committed under the Climate VISION program to a direct carbon intensity reduction of emissions of perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and of emissions of CO2 from the consumption of the carbon anode from the primary aluminum reduction process. The Climate VISION target is a 53% total carbon equivalent reduction from these sources by 2010 from 1990 levels. The industry has been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for over a decade and this new commitment equates to an additional direct carbon-intensity reduction of 65% since 2000. As a large industrial energy consumer, the primary producers also agree to continue their efforts to reduce indirect CO2 emissions through continued energy efficiency improvements. This commitment builds on the efforts of the VAIP, a partnership program that EPA has had with the industry since 1995. The Aluminum Association is measuring progress for Climate VISION based on data collected from its members. The Aluminum Association also pledges to support climate protection through efforts to increase aluminum recycling and the development of lightweight vehicles.

The VAIP program led to reductions in PFC emissions by over 77% in 2004 compared to the industry's 1990 baseline. Progress under Climate Vision through 2004 has already achieved the objectives for 2010. So far, the industry has achieved a 59 percent reduction in direct process emissions per ton of production, including combined PFC and CO2 releases.

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