Aluminum - GHG Information

Industry Analysis Briefs

The Energy Information Agency (EIA) is currently updating industry analysis briefs for the most energy-intensive industries in the United States, including aluminum, chemicals, forest products (such as paper and wood products), glass, metal casting, petroleum and coal products, and steel. As soon as the current briefs are available, we will provide the link.

Industry Analysis Briefs will have the following content:

  • Economic Profile and Trends
    • Value of Shipments
    • Annual Production
    • Labor Productivity

  • Energy Use
    • Energy Use by Fuel
    • Fuel Consumption by End Use
    • Energy Consumption by Sector
    • Energy Expenditures
    • Onsite Generation (if applicable)
    • Energy Intensity

  • State-Level Information

  • Technologies and Equipment
    • Cogeneration Technologies (if applicable)
    • Generic Technologies

  • Energy-Management Activities


Page Last Modified:   August 7, 2008